Hurghada is one of the most popular and exciting resorts in Egypt
Once a small fishing village, since regular tourism began in the 1980s, Hurghada has grown to be the largest resort on the Egyptian mainland.


Diving In Hurghada?

About Hurghada

Hurghada spans over 40 km of pristine coastlines, offers fantastic coral reefs and more than 50 exciting activities, including scuba diving, snorkeling, boat trips, and diving at some of Egypt’s most famous wrecks. It is also an excellent place for a relaxing holiday.
It is a big resort town with main three areas, Alsagala, El-Dahar and El-Memsha.
Alsagala is located right by the sea. It’s home to a large number of restaurants and bars that serve up some great eats and drinks.
El Dahar is the older part of the town. It is where the market is located.
El Memsha, which is the new village road, and it is the modern part of the city. There are many luxury locations nearby, such as Soma Bay, Makadi Bay, and Sahl el Hashish.

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People of Hurghada

In contrast to Egypt’s other tourist cities and resorts, Hurghada is a residential city in origin and has become a global tourist destination. Therefore, most of the residents of Hurghada are the original permanent residents and not travelers for job opportunities and to make money only, which has a significant impact on the way people deal there. The people of Hurghada do not see the tourist as a wallet full of cash. On the contrary, they treat the tourist as a guest/friend.

Activites in Hurghada

Even though it is considered one of the world’s best scuba diving destinations, it offers all sorts of activities for everyone, from extreme water sports, clubbing, golfing, and more options you have to choose from. So even the non-divers still have such a memorable holiday in this magical city at the Red Sea.

How to get to Hurghada?

Considered the capital of the Red Sea, Hurghada is south of Suez and 550 km from Cairo. You can get to Hurghada by ferry from Sharm-el-Sheikh, and by road from Luxor.
Hurghada has two airports next to each other, the New Airport which serves direct flights mainly from Europe, and the Old Airport serves flights from Cairo and different countries too. ”You need to check if your flight is direct to Hurghada Airport or to Cairo then Hurghada

What is the weather in Hurghada?

Hurghada enjoys a Dry Desert Climate with lovely all year round temperature which can reach highs of 42C in the summer and lows of 17C in the winder.

Diving Holiday in Hurghada

If you want to dive in the Red Sea, This is is the best choice for you. The Red Sea offers some of the world’s most spectacular marine life with the largest coral reefs on Earth and the greatest number of shipwrecks. Hurghada is the gateway to the Red Sea, and the port city has grown into a modern resort destination with a huge range of accommodation, restaurants, and entertainment options.
If you are not a certified diver already, you might think of diving as being something for experienced swimmers and snorkelers? Well, you’d be wrong!
Diving is an easy activity with many ways to enjoy, which makes it suitable for everyone, this is the ultimate place for divers from all over the world, and not only are they looking for a fantastic dive site, but they want to see plenty of marine life, swim amongst the corals, and enjoy the tropical climate. Therefore, Diving In Hurghada is a fantastic lifetime experience.
So if you’re looking for a great holiday and also want to explore the sea, Hurghada might just be the ideal place for you.

Why diving in Hurghada is the best?

Hurghada enjoys an exceptionally good location for entry-level diving and dive courses, with beautiful and easily accessible reefs located in shallow, sheltered areas, yet swarming with the Red Sea’s rich marine life. More advanced divers will feel equally at home, with more challenging and deeper dive sites.
It is located almost in the middle of the Red Sea, making it easy to enjoy daily trips to some of the most famous Red Sea wrecks, including Shaab Abu Nuhas wrecks, Thistlegorm, Rosalie Moller and Salem Express, but you need to book in advance to join these trips.
Hurghada is also considered the foremost departure marina for Red Sea Liveaboard Safaris to the North and to the South of the Red Sea, with a wide range of itineraries to the best of the Red Sea’s reefs and wrecks available where you can encounter magnificent marine life such as Sharks, Dolphins, Sea Caw ”Dugong”, giant Manta rays, and more.

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